Press: The Exhibitionist, No. 11/Journal on Exhibition Making
    July 2015 Curator and writer Natasha Ginwala chooses to write about The One Year Drawing Project for The Exhibitionist as an example of an exhibition that inspired her thinking. “Might an exhibition be construed as a living organism rather than an inanimate scenography

    Press: Collector's Edition published by Thames & Hudson
    August 2014 The Incomplete Thombu Special Edition by T. Shanaathanan is included in Collector’s Edition written and designed by Stuart Tolley and published by Thames & Hudson. This global survey brings together over 170 examples of innovative and inspired packaging from the worlds

    Press - Imprint magazine, Volume 49, Number 3
    Spring 2014 Trent Walter, Director of Negative Press, interviews Raking Leaves’ Director Sharmini Pereira. “Raking Leaves publications are marked by a conceptual rigour in both form and content.” Raking Leaves_IMPRINT

    Exhibition: DIY Cultures, Rich Mix, London
    May 2014 DIY Cultures – A day-long festival of zines, artist books, comics, artists-run spaces, talks, films, animation, poetry, video art, exhibitions, workshops – the spirit of independence, autonomy & alternatives. Find out More

    Press: Artists and archives: how art books are inspiring Sri Lanka’s young contemporary artists
    14 June 2015 For three months in 2013, Jaffna residents in Sri Lanka have had access to books from Asia Art Archive’s collection as part of the Hong Kong organisation’s Mobile Library project. The Library will return to Hong Kong in July 2013,

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